Posted by on September 20, 2016

Remote admin jobs, virtual jobs, and home-based jobs are becoming more popular these days. If you still hadn’t figured it out, all these job descriptions, though mostly interchanged, would mean one and the same – working away from a traditional office setting.

When people think of an admin, they think of someone sitting behind a desk at a company’s leased office. But is it really necessary? I thought so. Until March of 2016 when I began working independently through Upwork.

Before March of that year, I firmly believed that I needed the structure and accountability of working in an office. However, come March, needs drove me to try my hand at Upwork – an online freelancing platform. Imagine my surprise when I not only succeeded but flourished in the role of remote admin!

And so, let me gladly share my thoughts on the benefits of becoming a remote admin. If I was able to traverse this path successfully – then there’s no doubt you can too!

  • Work faster and a whole LOT better!

    Personally, I found that I work ‘better’ in that role. I have far more expectations of myself and my work than any supervisor ever has. As a result, I work even faster (a superpower of mine), with more polished results (because I’ve always been a stickler for accuracy).

  • Emphasis is on the quality of job rendered

    What I noticed on the client-side is even more surprising. With the removal of personalities from a job, the focus is solely on the work to be performed. My clients are also far more responsive and informative than my employers before.

  • Work independently

    I also have the freedom to work within my own structure, as most clients don’t have the time or desire to tell me exactly what to do, where, and when.

  • Work on your most convenient time

    Yet another surprise – I have a ‘great’ working structure, complete with organization, two monitors (if you aren’t doing this, I highly suggest it), my own computer (I have separate working “space” on it), and my own schedule. It turned out that I prefer to hit the office first thing in the morning – anywhere between 5:00 and 7:00. I get ready for the day, check my emails, going over the day’s list of tasks for each client, and setting my game plan. Then, at my official start time of 8:00 am, I’m ready to tackle the ad hoc tasks clients throw my way.

In this age of very small businesses and solo-preneurs, the once-necessary cost of office space is quickly diminishing. When business is booming, it’s greatly possible to hire a remote admin who may not be physically present in a leased office space but is still able to accomplish tasks on the same level as that of in-office.

For example, I have one client in LA who leases an address for $150/month. She gets her mails and even conducts meetings in available conference rooms in that same address. The rest of the needed work – she does it from home. Now compare that to the market cost of leasing an office space in LA! She definitely is saving thousands of dollars a month.

The work structure we’ve had for generations is changing quickly to one that allows more freedom for both the employer and employee. If you’re a business owner with more tasks than time, you might want to consider a freelancer – in this case, a remote admin. Who knows? The results may just surprise you!


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