Posted by on March 1, 2017

I’ve encountered quite a few small businesses who are reluctant to switch to help desk software because they feel that it will detract from the client’s experience. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

With email-centered client support, even with folders, rules, and read receipts, things fall through the cracks. Even worse is when multiple people have the same mailbox on their computers; then no one knows who handled what, when. Email relies on the user taking the correct steps – making sure to “reply to all”, to send via the CRM’s recording interface, and of course, knowing that, say, Joan rather than Michael, is responsible for ABC Company’s emails. I’ve seen this in action, and it isn’t pretty.

With an app like Help Scout, client requests are organized and easily assigned, traced, and handled. The client only knows that they’re sending an email to an address you’ve specified – you don’t even have to add a new address, if you’ve already got your clients sending their requests to a designated email. Once the email is sent, it’s forwarded to the Help Scout interface, and enters the glorious world of efficient client support handling.

Emails from clients can be assigned to specific people, tagged with the client name for sorting & reporting, and have timestamps for each milestone (received, noted, replied, assigned, etc.). Notifications are easily implemented, with a number of criteria triggering an email or text to the address/number of your choice. Automatic actions like assigning an email from a particular client to a specified user are a breeze to setup, eliminating the old “I thought you handled that one” groaner.

Best of all? It’s free! Just like Asana, you can pay for it if you want, but the features of the free version are by far robust enough for most entrepreneurs and small businesses.

For the visually-oriented, take a look at this PDF that shows what Help Scout looks like in action. Curious about how to set it up and what options are available? Thought so. Here’s that PDF.

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