Posted by on September 19, 2016

If you’re a successful small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s likely that you gained your success by working extremely hard on every aspect of your business. You crunched your own numbers, answered every call, and did all necessary research yourself. This work ethic is part of what made you so successful; you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. If it needed doing, you did it.

This is fine if your business is very small, and you have few clients. What normally happens when businesses start growing, is that things start to fall behind. Web designers don’t have time for case studies, consultants have unorganized client lists, and crafters don’t keep up with inventory costing. These are the tasks that can be done “later”, and inevitably are pushed to the back burner. The result? Lost profits due to lack of marketing, lack of organization, and mistakes in the books.

Hiring an admin – a good one – will solve these problems. A talented admin will quickly identify your business needs, and will have solutions already planned out. The cost of hiring an admin vastly outweighs the cost of falling behind, both to the bottom line and to the sanity.

I have had clients that need me for billing, some that need me to keep track of social media, and a couple that needed me to take over most of their operations. The solution varies based on the needs, but the goal is the same: to free up time so that you can concentrate on your business without sweating the small stuff.

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